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Sisyphus -- Episode 3: The Future is the Mirror of the Present that Can't be Changed

Wow, I knew the synopsis said other beings; I didn't imagine we'd see these "other beings" as they took human form. I am intrigued and impressed. I've had an eerie feeling about Tae sul's best friend, Eddie Kim (Tae In Ho), from the start of this drama. I particularly didn't like how he handled the Tae San situation; it was like he didn't want them to connect. My suspicions deepened when I found out the psychiatrist Tae Sul was seeing was none other than Eddie's girlfriend and Kim Han Yong's (Jeon Gook Hwan) daughter. It feels like a setup.

Eddie's shock at seeing Tae Sul at the convention coupled with Kim Han's quickness to vote him out was all the proof I needed to solidify my suspicions. Come to think of it, none on in this drama is to be trusted be it this mysterious Control Bureau, Sun, President Park (Sung Dong Il) who I'm sure is a broker, not even Sun, the Chinese restaurant delivery guy nor Bong-sun (Tae Won Seok), Tae Sul's bodyguard.

I like Tae Sul a lot; I like his brazen yet bold personality and amazingly good presenting and selling his products. I guess that's why he is what and who he is, the future. To say that his convention demonstration was brilliant and exciting is putting it mildly -- I loved it. If Tae Sul is smart, Seo Hae is strong, precise, and brilliant at what she does in her own way. That whole sequence at the convention was beautifully done, shot, and acted. And what works even more is Sisyphus's ability to balance the dark and serious with humorous moments.

What to do they say watch what you ask for; I doubt Tae Sul knew what he was getting into when he asked to know everything that Park knows. But then who could've expected another dimension, let alone the ability to teleport and witness it as it unfolds that is entirely different. Whatever the traveler's reason s, maybe who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to change or re-do their past for a better future, I know I would. It's not the issue of time travel for a better future that bothers me; it's those trying to take advantage of it for their benefit. Oh, and I love, love GSoul's Stay (Tempus) OST. Watch Episode 3 here.

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Seni Seni
Seni Seni
Feb 28, 2021

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