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Sisyphus -- Episode 4: Regrets

Sisyphus has a great way of getting to its viewer's emotions. For some reason, I never pegged Tae Sul as daring; he's calculating, brave and witty I just didn't expect him to be as daring as he was this episode. I was pleasantly surprised by him. I like that the show gives us these interchanging unpredictabilities between Han Tae Sul and Seo Hae. Officer Hyun-Ki's story deeply touched me, but I guess that's what Sisyphus banks on with its epic storytelling, getting to our emotions, and it does it very well.

Who here among us doesn't have regrets, not many. And Han Tae Sul more than anyone understands that. He would give anything to go back in that moment in time to redo things with his brother. One never truly appreciates what they have until they've lost it. Regret itself is a form of punishment, I guess. In that sense, I have a strong feeling Eddie Kim will one day come to regret his decision to betray his best friend and end their friendship for the sake of self-recognition because he can make all the excuses in the world for why he did what he did the truth remains it was for his selfish needs same as Seo Jin who regrets letting Han Tae Sul go.

I think more than the present, I am really curious about Sisyphus in the future and in this new addition, Sigma. If I were to guess, I'd say they are the"other beings" trying to kill Han Tae Sul to stop him from inventing the uploader. They are not from the same world as Seo Hae's; at least they don't seem to be, but I may be wrong. And based on what Hyun-Ki told Seo Hae, downloaders seem to be stuck in a time loop. She keeps coming back to save Han Tae Sul with the ultimate goal of saving her mother and the world. In contrast, the others keep coming to get to Han Tae Sul before he invents the teleport but are they doing it to save the world from its futuristic doom, or do they have ulterior motives; my money is on the latter. Watch Episode 4 here.

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1 Comment

Seni Seni
Seni Seni
Feb 28, 2021

Another great OST -- loving it. GSoul - Stay (Tempus) Sisyphus: The Myth OST Part 1

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