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Sisyphus -- Episode 5: The Future vs. The Present

I had forgotten that Sisyphus is a time-travel drama or at least has that element in it since we've only seen bits and pieces of that aspect of it. So in that sense, I liked that we spent more time in the future; as dismal, ruthless, and mysterious as it looked, it holds the key to the present.

I like that we got to see a fun and more carefree Seo Hae with her father in their own element, which brings credit to why and how she came to the present and how she became the great fighter she is today it belies how naive and unknowing she is of the things everyone takes for granted in the present. I wondered why Seo never tried to contact her parents in the present timeline; it makes sense that she cannot; there must be rules against it.

It looks like all those who come from the future (smugglers) are in a time loop with no memory of past occurrences. It explains why Seo Hae doesn't know much outside of her Diary, which Tae Sul got for her to begin with and what Jung Hyun Ki from the future and her father's partner in the present told her before he died whatever he does to forgive him. I wondered what he meant by that, but now I know the Control Bureau used his grief to set him loose on Seo Hae -- how disgusting. But the fact that the Bureau wants her dead not captured means they know more than they are letting on.

I enjoy Tae Sul and Seo Hae's banter; they have such great chemistry. I can see how they would fall for each other and how he really couldn't survive without her with all those people and organizations after him, including his own people, and sadly that's what betrayal looks like; I wonder if he knows the extent of it. I was surprised to know Tae Sun consulted with Seo Jin, I can understand why they didn't believe him, but now that she's heard Tae Sul say the very same thing, shouldn't she at least there was more to the story than they first thought or do they already know I wonder. I was right; Seo Jin maybe Eddie's girlfriend now, but she's not over Tae Sul. The war in the future may have ended, but it's just about to begin in the present. Watch Episode 5 here.



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