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Sisyphus -- Episode 9: Alliances: Warfare is the Art of Deceit

To win a war or to come out ahead, one may have to form alliances with the enemy of their enemy. And it seems like that's exactly what's happening between the Bureau and Sigma and Park, Tae Sul, and Seo Hae. As they say, warfare is the art of deceit.

I wonder how one would feel if they were to meet themselves in the past or come to face to face with the parent they so desperately want to save; the concept itself is quite intriguing. I was curious to know how Seo Hae lost her mom. My heart broke to pieces for Seo Hae as she called out for mother; if only her mother knew she was looking at the grown child. She lost her the day the war broke out, on her birthday. Did Seo Hae's father know about the war; he seemed to know, or maybe I imagined it. Now that I know what happened, it all clicks; why Seo Hae cannot give up on the future; it's not just about Tae Sul but also her mom.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I am not sure why Seo Hae is such a threat to the Bureau, let alone Sigma. One would think they'd all be on the same side of saving the present for a better future, but Sigma seems dead set on starting a war. In contrast, the Bureau, well Hwang Hyun Seung, seems to be after Seo Hae for a personal vendetta, and using Jung Hyun Ki to get it is utterly despicable. He says they know everything, but if they do, why does he need Seo Hae to tell him about Han Tae Sul; it makes no sense; I guess they don't know about Tae Sul.

Han Tae Sul's wittiness continues to amaze and surprise me. He's such an adorable nerd. I'm glad he recruited Sun to help save Seo Hae. Sun needed it; their banter is so endearing, but they work so well together, all for Seo Hae's sake. I knew Park gave himself up to the Bureau for a reason or plan. I wondered what it was; I guess he already knew Han Tae Sul would break into the Bureau. It all makes perfect sense. Watch Episode 9 here.



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