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Sisyphus -- Episodes 13 & 14: Everything Comes to a Head

I am not sure what happened or when it exactly happened, but I found myself losing interest in some elements of Sisyphus's story. Maybe the turning point for me was Sigma. I expected a villain worthy of an apocalyptic fight but what we got was a degenerate psychotic who, for reasons still unclear, or maybe it really did come down to him having such a crappy childhood, decides to do away with the world. I guess for me I didn't understand why, after all the trouble both Tae Sul and Seo Hae went through to find Sigma's identity when it came time to kill him, Tae Sul back out because of a threat that I'm not sure it would've made a difference once they had done away with Sigma. He knew Seo Hae would disappear if they successes with their plan, so that threat and the effect it had on him made no sense.

I was truly surprised to know Tae Sul was the one that built the bunker, I didn't expect that, but it makes total sense. And despite building it to protect her, he ended up building a space that left her feeling trapped with no hope for a better future. And I think this sequence sort of ties in how time and time again, despite Tae Sul trying to make choices to protect Seo Hae, he inadvertently ends up stripping her of her right of choice — the choice to choose him every time. It's almost sad how they are each trapped in the choices they make for each other. He doesn't want her to die, and she doesn't want a world without him.

In more ways than one, Park and his broker business have been the most interesting side characters. At first, I wasn't really sure what to make of him, or maybe I should say I disliked the choice he made but then living in the past knowing how the future is doesn't really leave one with that many choices but the need to survive at any cost. But as we got to see what truly motivated him, it becomes clear he wasn't just living a life of survival of the fittest but one filled with regret for letting his past self make emotional choices. The other element of Parks' story that seems to have developed is the possibility that Bingbing maybe his daughter. I guess they are who each other has been waiting for to come through that downloader. His date choices seem to make sense all of a sudden. explains how the both of them have been waiting on someone to come through that downloader

So, all in all, things have changed for Sisyphus and unfortunately, not for the better as much as I was invested in Tae Sul's and Seo Hae's plight at the start of this drama as much as it really doesn't make much of a difference to me how this story ends, and that's disappointing. I do hope, though, that we at least some note-worthy resolutions before the end. Watch Episodes 13 & 14 here.



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