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Sunbae - Episode 10: Confessions, New Beginnings, Resolutions, Endings, and Letting Go

Love and something more is definitely in the air, be it between Song-Ah and Hyun Seung, Jae Woon and Ji Seung and Yun Seung, her husband, and the Chef, with this last one being the "something" more. What I loved most about this episode is the ease with which Song-Ah, Hyun Seung, Jae Woon, and Ji Seung handled their feelings for each other. No pressure, pullbacks, or games, just adults willfully navigating this thing called love.

In that sense, today's episode was of confessions, new beginnings, resolutions, endings, and trying to let go. Letting go being the most difficult to achieve, be it for Song-Ah and her mom for past betrayals, Jae Shin for his choices, the past and the present with the passing of his father, and Song-Ah, Hyun Seung, Jae Woon, and Ji Seung for embarking on a new chapter in their lives. And as hard as letting go, maybe for some, only when they do will they realize in the process they've gained one of the most important things, themselves.

At this point in the drama, the storylines are very much siloed, but I doubt that will remain the same as we head into the next six episodes. The drama has yet to air out the many connections that link our characters together, especially Hyun Seung, Jae Woon, Ji Seung, Yun Seung, her husband, and the Chef. And seeing how easy flowing things have been thus far, I can't help but have that sense of dread, that feeling of the quiet before the storm -- a long-overdue conversion of sorts. I am fine with whatever comes as long as it doesn't drive too much of a wedge between Jae Won and Ji Seung. Watch Episode 10 here.



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