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Sunbae -- Episode 11: Everybody Deserves to be Loved

I love me some Ro Woon, and it’s not just because he's pleasing to the eyes. But because he’s come such a long way from the aggressive, in-your-face protector and admirer to this solid, patient, gentle, sweet, courageous supporter, friend, colleague, and ultimately boyfriend. He is probably the character with the most development arc, and he is the better for it through and through. Both he and Song Ah deserve to be loved; I love their relationship. It’s going to be hard for them to keep their non-secret relationship a secret – I enjoy their office colleague; they're my favorite moments aside from Jae Woon, of course.

Interestingly, I didn’t even consider Je Seung would have a past, an ex-fiancée at that; now that I think of it, it makes total sense, a beautiful woman like her single -- Jae Woon doesn’t need the added complication for sure. They already have to contend with the inner connected relationships with Hyun Seung; they don’t need the past haunting them. That family already has enough issues with Chae Yun Seung, her husband, and Chef Ryu. Without a doubt, they were sweet on each other.

The glimpse into Jae Shin’s family life sheds an even deeper light on the kind of person he became -- a good-for-nothing father and a mother who abandoned him. This alone would break a person's spirit, let alone the society he lives in -- life can be so hard sometimes. In that sense, I understood Jae Shin’s relief, grief, and guilt at his father’s death. I wish he’d have let his fiancée console him rather than push her away.

On the contrary, Shin Jae and his fiancee's disastrous path continues; despite him promising to never make her feel lonely or insecure, he does. Unfortunately, it’s not something Shin Jae can change, for him to make her feel secure; he would need to be confident in himself and that he is not. I didn’t expect him to resign, though. In a way, I'm glad he decided to sever ties. I hope he never looks back. He deserves so much better than a demented spoilt rich girl who thinks she owns him. Watch Episode 11 here.



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