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Sunbae -- Episode 12: What a Mess

Sunbae's strength is in its simplicity. I hope it stays the track and doesn't ruin things by complicating them. I knew things would come to a head with Jae Shin sooner or later and that Lee Hyo Joo would be the end of him. I’m not sure how she thought storming to his place of work and accusing Song Ah of keeping him away from her spoke more of her state of mind than anything else. Suppose that was not enough of a clue for her to get herself together. I doubt anything else would.

I’ve always felt drawn to Jae-shin, and it’s probably because I saw the damage in him. He could've been so much more; he's clever, careful, but also selfish and calculating, which is totally understandable given the broken environment that shaped him. How I wish he had better friends and family members that could’ve helped him learn to love himself for who he was, it, of course, doesn’t excuse his behavior, but still, I hurt for him. I’m glad he finally apologized to Song Ah; it’s definitely the beginning to finding himself.

I appreciated Jae Won’s directness with Song Ah and loved that her co-workers and Han Seung looked out for her. I cannot nor do I sympathize with Lee Hyo Joo; she forced herself on Jae Shin and expected, no more like demanded he love her, and when he couldn’t, she couldn't take it. I’m not sure how she thought she could make someone love her. But not only that, she thought threatening him to end their relationship would somehow break him. He did her wrong, I admit, but she and her family did him worse. Yes, he accepted it for his own gain, making things worse by pretending he could love her. She deserves better, yes, but so does he.

What a mess everybody made out of things, be it Jae Shin, Hyo Joo, Jae Won, or even Chae Yun Seung, her husband, and Chef Ryu. I was glad Yun Seung finally found out about her husband and Chef Ryu. I wish she'd stayed and confronted the issue head-on, but then she probably needs time to process what she heard, let alone understand it. I hope she doesn't decide to avoid it or pretend she can fix her husband because that will backfire sooner or later. It will not make it go away.

I pray this new situation with Jae Won doesn’t mess up things for him and Je Seung for her decision to help Hyun Seung and refuse to sell Jae Won’s sister the wedding dress – it’s insane how complicated things have gotten. He might not have been the best of friends, but he sure is a good boss. I love that he comforted Song Ah and made her feel wanted and needed at work. I don’t even know what to make of the preview. I hope it doesn’t mean what I think it does. Watch Episode 12 here.



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