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Sunbae -- Episode 13: Nothing in Life is Ever Free

Everything quickly comes to a head with Yun Seung and her husband Kang Woo Hyeon, Jae Shin, and Jae Woon, Song Ah, and Hyun Seung; it was a long time coming. They say denial is the worst kind of a lie because it's the lie you tell yourself; it hurt seeing how obvious Yun Seung's husband was with his denial but more so how anxiously willing she was to believe him.

I can wholly appreciate Yun Seung's decision to stay with her husband even if I don't like it, but I hope she's prepared to continue living in a loveless marriage. My heart aches for Yun Seung and her daughter, but more for Yun Seung. There's nothing worse than being deceived by the one person you care for the most. I wish she had openly discussed things with her siblings, but I wish she had let go of her husband more so.

As much as I try to empathize with Jae Shin, his arrogant behavior makes it very hard. He is one person walking around with a huge chip on his shoulder, but the saddest part is that it's made him not able to recognize true friendship staring right in the face. How typical of him to blame Jae Woon for his choices; as they say, some people create their own storms then blame others when it rains. I hurt for Jae Woon. As for Lee Hyo Joo, I find her quite tiresome and feel no pity for her, none whatsoever. She's as selfish as he has been, if not more.

I keep asking myself if it's possible to like Hyun Seung anymore than I do, and the answer is a big whopping yes. Not only is he a good friend and boyfriend, but he's truly a good person. I love how gentle and understanding he was with Song Ah's mom. Despite my not liking her much, his behavior made me want to tolerate her. I hadn't realized Song Ah was interested in Europe, but I can understand why she would be as ambitious and as good as she is. Five years, however, is a long time to be away in a budding relationship, knowing Hyun Seung, though, I assumed he'd understand and respect her decision, whatever it may have been. I didn't expect him not to, nor did I anticipate her to go against his wishes. Nothing in life is ever easy. Watch Episode 13 here.



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