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Sunbae - Episode 14: Choices and Decisions

I've enjoyed the quiet yet careful progress in Sunbae and its central moments, from relationship development to connections that have impacted its characters for the choices they've made in one way or another. As hard as it was to hear, I figured Song Ah decided on the opportunity she would regret the least -- Europe. I knew Hyun Seung would support her, whatever her decision, even as he struggled with it, their love was strong enough to withstand the stress and test of time, or so I thought.

A glimpse into Kang Woo Hyeon's (Yun Seung's husband) life spoke louder than any words he could utter. In a way, I admired him for his decision to divorce Yun Seung. I didn't expect it from him but admired him less for his continued denials. At the same time, I appreciated Yun Seung ten times more for being strong enough to make the right decision for her daughter and herself as heartbreakingly as it was rather than remain in a dead marriage. And for accepting Woo Hyeon for who he was even if he cannot accept himself. I couldn't help but feel bad for Ryu Han Seo. Yes, he made some wrong decisions, and the biggest one was befriending Yun Seung to get closer to her husband, but I doubt he did with malice or bad intent.

I completely understood Jae Woon's pettiness towards Jae Shin and deservedly so. But at the same time, Jae Woon put his sister's needs before his so-called friend's, so I can also understand how as broken as Jae Shin already was, he couldn't see the friendship that could've been between them. They were both wrong and as they say, admitting one's mistake is not a sign of weakness but a sign of maturity. Given the right circumstances and a chance, they could've been great friends.

That said, I am happy Jae Shin overcame the many obstacles he placed in his own way and made something of himself by himself. I loved that Jae Woon and Ji Seung's relationship withstood its potential obstacles, and I was so sure Song Ah and Hyun Seung's relationship would, too. However, three years into her migration to Europe, it doesn't seem to have -- his hardened look when he saw her across the street spoke volumes. Hyun Seung walking away from Song Ah was probably one of the hardest scenes of this drama.



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