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Sunbae -- Episode 15: Regrets and Comebacks

As we near the end of this journey, it feels like we've come full circle with all our couples from Song Ah and Hyun Seung, Yun Seung and her husband, Je Seung and Jae Woon, and even Shin Jae and Hyo Joo. In one way or another, they've each had to live with decisions they've made along the way.

I love that Jae Woon and Je Seung's issues revolve around marriage and decorating their new home; they are the couple I rooted for the most, and I love that they are finally tying the knot. As for Yun Seung, I was surprised to see her still with her husband. I know she said she would stay by his side until he came to terms with himself; I guess I didn't expect it to take three years. I'm glad she made something out of herself.

The two people I commend the most are Hyo Joo and Shin Jae; they both overcame the limitations they set on themselves and finally realized they were worth so much more just as they were. They didn't need anything or anyone else to complete them. That Hyo Joo still cares for Shin Jae is quite evident; I'm not entirely sure how he feels about her, though. It was good seeing him succeed on his own merit; I knew he had it in him. As imperfect and as flawed as they both were, they deserved to love themselves first and foremost to be loved by another. As they say, the worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with oneself.

Last but not least, Song Ah and Hyun Seung I couldn't believe Song Ah's selfishness to break up with Hyun Seung when he was the one that endured the long-distance and her continuously putting her work over him regardless of her reasoning for breaking up. And after three years to come back to the same team, I found that even more selfish. I was glad Hyun Seung didn't just give in to her as much as he wanted to do so. I'm not going to lie; I didn't like her for what she did, even though I know they will get back together. But for today, I don't like her. I guess all our couples or former couples were in predicaments of their own making one way or another. I look forward to the finale.



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