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Sunbae -- Episode 16 (Final) -- Happy Endings!

I enjoyed this show; I liked its simplicity; there was almost a purity to it, which I thoroughly welcomed. It easily flowed, notwithstanding the little hick-ups within it. It tackled how despite Song Ah, Hyo Joo, Lee Jae Shin, and Kang Woo Hyeon, having everything, couldn't recognize how valuable and worthwhile they were with how they were and what they had. It beautifully walked us through the journey of how it takes true courage not only to accept oneself but become the person you're really supposed to be.

I enjoyed all the actors; they did a great job each at their role. However, the eye-openers for me throughout this series were Ro Woon in Chae Hyun Seung's role, perfect in every way; he wasn't just good to look at but an excellent talent; and little Park So Yi in the role of Kang Ha Eun Yun Seung's daughter, what a little star. I look forward to their next roles.

And, of course, as bias, as I am, I fell in love with Lee Kyu Han all over again, as Lee Jae Woon. I cannot wait for him in a lead role of his own. I've always admired Lee Hyun Wook as an actor, and his role as Lee Jae Shin touched me the most and proved what a skilled actor he is; I look forward to seeing him in many other roles to come.

I praise the writer, director, and actors for bringing us a work of fiction that wasn't only pleasing to watch but also had a great acceptance message. Loving oneself starts with liking oneself, which starts with respecting oneself, which starts with positive thinking. That the more one loves themselves, the less nonsense they'll tolerate. And that the choices we make as individuals affect not only us but also the people around us. I wholly relished this ride.



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