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Sunbae - Episode 9: Gentle Awkwardness

Sunbae, Don't Put on that Lipstick is such an uncomplicated drama, and I think that's what makes it unique; it just flows. The caring and gentle awkwardness between Song-Ah and Hyun Seung make them so endearing. Watching them gave me that to-do or not to-do feeling but in the right way, especially for Song-Ah. Her not wanting to ruin their friendship but also not wanting to lose the opportunity for more, coupled with his silent patience, proved they not only truly cared for each other but belonged together. And like HS's 7 but going on 17 niece, Ha Eun told him as she was consoled him, love, is straightforward and wherever there's hope there's a chance, what a lovely talent she is, love her.

On the other hand, the more Jae Shin gets what he wants, the less happy he seems. I doubt that will change until he realizes what's more important. It's the calm before the storm for him; the longer he continues to run away from his mentally depilating emotional issues, the more it will rear its ugly head, be it in the form of his toxic father or girlfriend, for that matter.

Chef Ryu bothers me. I can't fully explain why but he does much more than Yun Seung's husband's indifference towards her does. I'm glad she's at least recognized that in him. For the longest Song-Ah's mother confused me, and more so Song-Ah's behavior towards her but with that flashback into their backstory, I now understand SA's resentment. Jae Woon and Ji Seung, steadily moving forward, made my drama-watching day; their moments are my favorite of this drama. I love it. Even though it gives me great pleasure to see JW and JS taking their relationship to the next level, I cannot help but wonder if once the fact that Hyun Seung's and Ji Seung are siblings may hinder them, I hope they don't let it.



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