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Taxi Driver -- Episode 11 & 12: Re-evaluate, Assess, Re-group and Re-focus

Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are ~ Benjamin Franklin.

Taxi Driver never disappoints; each episode tops the other, and it's that affinity to unapologetically delve into the most sensitive of issues that make it as fascinating as it's been in its storytelling, acting, direction, and production.

Re-evaluating one's core values after a major incident, especially one with such unpredictable circumstances as Park Yang Jin's, is truly what makes human beings human, and I love that Kim Do Ki did that. Not that; that devil in a man's clothing didn't deserve the fate he choose; it's the consequences that Do Ki needed to assess. It's the first step to personal growth, and I commend him for that. I liked that he realized they, as a team, including Jang Sung Chul, needed to change their approach for the service to meet its full potential rather than abandon the whole thing. I was worried he was going to do exactly that.

I reckoned Kang Ha Na would eventually find Taxi Deluxe out, but I also knew she wasn't disciplined enough, nor would she find the evidence to catch them. That she came very close to is no small feat. I admire her for her dedication to her duties as a prosecutor and the law. Everything she told Do Ki is true fighting crime with crime only makes criminals out of good men, but then so was what Do Ki said for those who can stop a crime and are not able to do so encourage it.

It's a catch 22 situation, damned if you do, and damned if you don't. I always knew the only way Ha Na would ever truly appreciate Taxi Deluxe is if she was somehow touched by the injustice they live day in and day out because it is always easier to judge others when the shoe is on the other foot. I didn't expect it to come at such a high price. On a separate note, I'm back to thinking Kang Han Na's boss, Chief Prosecutor Jo Jin Woo, knows or suspects what Blue Bird does.

On the same token, I suspected Taxi Deluxe's service would someday lead it directly to Baek Sung Mi's front door. And this episodes' case does precisely that. With the type of work she and her associates do, I'm surprised it's taken this long. As they say, you are but the company you keep. And as much as I've been waiting, no, more like anticipating the case that would bring Ha Na into Taxi Deluxe's service, I did not for the life of me envision it to be as heartbreaking or as close to her as it turned out to be. Her pain was palatable, and the loss so unexpected. Only those who have experienced it can truly understand it. As they say, justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are -- and it does exactly that with Mr. Wang's (Lee Yoo Joon)

murder for Kang Ha Na.

And with how things were going with Sung Mi, her goons, Sung Chul and Deluxe Taxi, it was only natural for things to get more complicated than they already were. I did, though, love how Kim Do Ki and the team were able to chase down brothers Goo Seok Tae and Goo Yeong Tae (Lee Ho Chul) and uncover Baek Sung Mi's organ trafficking business. But unlike how Deluxe Taxi typically deals with their revenge cases and despite it being Kang Ha Na's request, Do Ki decided to give everything up to her to be dealt with in the law. I cannot commend him enough to realize the seriousness of the situation and want to trust the law would dispense the appropriate justice.

As for Sung Mi, I knew I like her for a reason despite her being the worst human being ever. She not only played Jung Sung Chul without even batting an eye, but now she has in her arsenal the perfect weapons (all those criminals he hunted and put away) to bring him down and, in her opinion, keep her safe, but more than that she has the backing of higher-ups who she serviced with her organ trafficking business. She's the devil incarnate, that woman, and I must say I underestimated her, and so did Jung Sung Chul. And the irony of it all is she is the evil he wants to eradicate from society, and yet he invited her into their midst and, in a way, created an even bigger monster in her. And in going after those who took advantage of the broken system rather than trying to come up with solutions to fix said the system, he only managed to create an opportunity for chaos. Watch Episode 11 & 12 here.

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