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Taxi Driver -- Episode 6: Justice is too Good for Some

“We should forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged" ~ Joe Abercrombie.

I didn't put too much thought into what Taxi Driver as a drama might be; I knew it was a story about a secret organization that avenges victims the law didn’t protect. And that was good but what I really cared about was that it had Lee Je Hoon as a lead. But to my surprise and not in a bad way, it's turned out to be mightier, deeper, and more important in the issues it brings to the forefront than I ever expected, and I love every second of it. Kudos to the show's creators, the writer, the director, and above all, the cast and crew for a drama that not only delivers but touches me to the core. As hard as the issues are to watch, at times as exhilarating to see a work of fiction that not only raises awareness to pertinent issues but tries to start a dialogue towards a solution.

It never crossed my mind that U Data was anything more than a monster mob company that reveled in humiliating and breaking the powerless to feel more powerful. I can only imagine how much they must hate themselves for them to inflict such cruelty onto others. So, in that sense, nothing prepared me for what Kim Do Gi and Ahn Go Eun found behind the tightly and securely guarded cloud servers. I am not sure why I didn't expect it, maybe because it was too much of a leap to think that anyone would be involved in such an outrageous crime against children and women. Protecting those who abuse innocence is an even worse crime. The level of depravity, they forfeited the right to be human beings -- evil exists and in all shapes and forms.

Come to think of it; not much of a leap at all. I should've known that any human being who can find joy in sadistically humiliating and hurting other people is most definitely capable of anything, even crimes against the most innocent and vulnerable in this world. Yet, still, I was completely shocked and caught off guard by the reveal that U Data allowed someone to use their service to store predatory images and did not report it. It makes them the worst kind of predator, akin to a sacrilegious cult, and no law, court, judge, jury, or even revenge plan would be enough justice. Because, as they say, justice is too good for some people and not enough for the rest. Nothing more than annihilation will do. This is one drama worth every second of its time. Watch Episode 6 here.



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