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Taxi Driver -- Episode 7 & 8: All That's Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is Good doing Nothing

There is one, and only one, thing in modern society more hideous than a crime - namely, repressive justice ~ Simone Weil.

Yet another brilliantly written, directed and acted episode. It took me two hours to finish this episode; that’s how hard it was to get through, not because it was bad but because I was burning inside. To say that I love this drama is putting it mildly. I am in awe of it for tackling painfully intense emotional controversy-charged issues in the most profound ways that make one pause and imagine what it might be like to be in each of the victim’s shoes. As they say, one will never understand someone else’s pain until they are the one feeling it. Evil exists in all of us; that’s a fact. Some fight it, some feed it, but still, the power to choose good and evil is within reach of all. Why anyone would choose evil over good mystifies me.

I sensed from the very beginning that Go Eun’s sister’s (Ryu Yi Jae) story would be bad. I didn’t expect it to be as awful, and for it to come from the one person she cared and trusted the most, how dreadful that must have been for her sister, and to have no one help her, I was beyond mortified and livid for her and all those who suffered a similar plight. I can’t even begin to imagine how I would’ve reacted if this had happened to my sister. Come to think of it; I don’t ever want to imagine it.

In that sense, I understand why Kim Do Gi and the team distrust the police and prosecution so much; as victims themselves, they’ve experienced the injustice firsthand. It’s unfair to see someone like Kang Ha Na, who tenaciously fights against all injustice lumped with those who stand in the way of justice. But when one is burned as often, it gets hard to weed out the bad from the good. There’s only so much indignity of injustice anyone can take, particularly when surviving it feels like an even worse fate than death. As they say, moral contempt is a far greater indignity and insult.

With everything that’s been happening in the past two episodes, I haven’t had a chance to reflect on Baek Sung Mi's actions. And boy, is she in a heap of trouble with Sung Chul for breaking his trust and going behind his back and trying to extract Cho Du Chul’s (the monster who killed Do Ki's mom) corneas to sell to some rich guy as a side hustle. Besides managing Blue Bird and Deluxe Taxi, Sung Chul also runs his own crime and punishment service, hunting down criminals released from prison, who, in his opinion, weren’t punished enough in accordance to their crimes, especially those who've wronged him and his team.

For that reason, Sung Chul has made it his mission to find them, lock them in underground torture-like chambers run by Sung Mi, and dispense his own form of true justice. So in that sense, I can only imagine the deadly wrath Sung Chul will release on her, especially since he doesn’t like her much and she knows it. He forces himself to partner with her to keep his extracurricular activity a secret, and as much as I like Baek Sung Mi's fierceness as much as I find her underhandedness distasteful.

I loved that Sung Chul and Do Ki decided to whatever was needed to bring justice to Go Eun’s sister and all those affected by U Data’s injustice and utter disregard for basic decency. I wonder how they would’ve felt if what they did was done to one of their family members; despite my better judgment, I wish the team will do unto them as they’ve done to all those innocent people. They deserved no less than that, not their families but them. Not only do they not have any moral compass, but they lack humanity itself.

The epilogues always have me in pieces; this drama gets me in pieces. I wanted revenge, let alone Go Eun. And, boy, was the revenge on those cockroaches disguised as human beings, the most satisfying act of all. Chairman Park Yang Jin (Baek Hyun Jin, kudos for acting well done), choosing to be blown up with his damned servers, is more than he deserved but justice Go Eun's sister and all those like her more than deserved. I loved every minute of it and glad to have Go Eun back, looking none the worse for wear. As Sung Chul told Do Gi, she's a lot stronger than she looks. Taxi Driver is quickly proving itself to be one of the dramas of 2021. Watch Episode 7 & 8 here.



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