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Taxi Driver -- Episode 9: Consequences to Vigilantism

Some people need killing... but be ... beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster ~ Barry Eisler.

Today’s episode felt like everyone was in consolation mode, and the team needed it for sure. Get over the vileness of the last case, and deservedly so. I’m more than okay with the way Chairman Park Yang Jin met his ending; he decided to be blown away with his servers rather than face his bleak future; I can see the justice in that and accept it but also understand the team's guilt; it speaks to their conscience. That said, though, I have no qualms with what Taxi Deluxe does, but I do with Baek Sung Mi. She’s all about her self-interest, taking from the underprivileged while the service is the last resort of the unprotected.

So, in that sense, I don't particularly appreciate that Jang Sung Chul tainted the organization with her foulness, giving her the upper hand. I’ll give it to Sung Mi, though. She is intelligent and dogged in the pursuits, but she’s also greedy and overestimates herself while underestimating Sung Chul and now Do Ki. I don’t think it befits her to start a war with Sung Chul. As they say, don’t underestimate anyone because the one you believe is a silent spark can instead be a fierce fire in disguise. But even someone like Sung Mi has a story, so I'm not slighting her, but I am slighting her methods. I can’t wait to hear her story, though. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Sung Mi knew Jo Du Chul was already in Sung Chul’s house and waited for him to attack before coming to his rescue. Nothing she does is ever happenstance.

At the same token, Sung Chul shouldn’t underestimate Kang Ha Na or the prosecution’s tenacity. It just a matter of time before the police and, or prosecution, find a pattern with what’s been happening with criminals and wrongdoers they’ve been tracking, even if it helps them close their cases. And they’ve already begun to do that, especially with U Data. At first, I suspected Deputy Chief Prosecutor Jo Jin Woo was in on Taxi Deluxe’s services, but I was wrong; he may not be in, but I don’t think he ultimately goes against them either now that he suspects Sung Chul and Do Ki, but Kang Ha Na might. She’s definitely set her sights on Do Ki.

As our team tries to move on from their last gutting case, they catch a new one that's not only relevant but more than relatable, and surprisingly enough, it comes from Choi Kyung Goo, a voice phishing victim himself. Who really among us hasn't been touched by fraudulent phone calls, trying to trick us into giving money or reveal our personal information. It's a new name for an old problemwhoever they are, they deserve whatever Taxi Deluxe has planned for them and more. I cannot wait to see what they have planned for them. I hope they're able to get away with it, seeing how Kang Ha Na is hot on their tracks.

I loved that the preparation for the case; it had some much-needed light-heartedness to it with Choi Kyung Goo and Park Jin Eon’s makeovers, and especially Jin Eon going undercover. I laughed so hard, and I especially love their banter—my favorite moments of this drama. Nothing worse than being scammed out of one's hard-earned money, but what's worse is that scammers don't only empty bank accounts break the hearts and sports of those they scam. Watch Episode 9 here.



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