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Tomorrow -- Episodes 3 & 4: Saving Souls

I read somewhere that the business of saving souls has no ethics, and I found myself agreeing with that statement as I watched Goo Ryun and her team of two do all sorts of things, even teleport to the past to try and save

Joon Woong's best friend Namgoong Jae Soo (Ryu Sung Rok) from committing suicide. The very friend who just a few weeks before was counseling Joon Woong, but now finds himself in the depths of despair with no friend, job or family to turn to for comfort. I am not sure what I expected from Tomorrow as a drama, but I have to say it's different in that it's not preachy in the way it tries to address the risk of suicide, but rather does it with the flair of the fantasy of the underworld, which surprisingly works well.

I guess it's not surprising that even a fantasy "underworld" such as Jumadeung has a bureaucracy with complicated rules and processes, which ironically were created to carry out a wide range of tasks, provide necessary services, and act as experts, but over time make it hard to get things done. In a way, I understand why a committee or governing body made out of grim reapers would be so adamantly opposed to the noble idea of saving souls, since they are in the business of collecting them to the afterlife. That said, though, I am curious about Jumadeung's governing body and the role of each team lead, and in particular Chairwoman Jade Hwang. If creating the Risk Management Team was her mandate to Goo Ryun, why does she allow the other teams to openly sabotage her, and why help her in secret and not in the open; what is their history; too many questions, and I guess only time will bring about the answers.

I don't know why Park Joong Gil and Goo Ryun are so tangled up, but there seems to be more to their history than her switching from escorting souls to saving them; how far back do they go, I wonder. I am dying for their backstory together and individually. And as much as I want to know Goo Ryun's backstory, I want Park Joong Gil's even more. His view on suicide seems to be rooted in a personal experience. There is more to him than meets the eye. The way he scooped up Joon Woong to distance him from his body at the hospital belies his rigid exterior. He could've left him to die if his intention was to weaken Goo Ryun. I don't believe he is out to harm Goo Ryun and her team, but rather to protect her.

Everyone from Goo Ryun to Im Ryung Goo, Park Joong Gil and even the Chairwoman are chasing their own demons, some of them figurately and others the repressed or unconscious aspects of them. I hope they are the winners. As pleasing as it is to have Roowon and all his cuteness in this drama, Lee Soo Hyuk beautifully and powerfully strutting into his scenes is a sight for sore eyes. Despite its fantastical approach, I like that this drama continues the message of living one day at a time, episode to episode. Bring value to the saying live one day at a time, and make it a masterpiece. Watch episodes 3 & 4 here.



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