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Tomorrow -- Episodes 5 & 6: The deeper the love, the deeper the pain

Tomorrow gets better, by the week, the fantastical forces, and editing, directing are superbly done. The Lee Soo Hyuk and Yun Ji On fight sequences were amazing. I think I watched and re-watched them like 5 times. It seemed like I watched a blockbuster movie. I knew, I just knew there was more to Park Joong Gil's animosity towards Goo Ryun than just a disappointed team leader. The glimpse into their pure and young past made it that much more overwhelming to watch. I felt my heart soar with their young love.

In more ways than one, I understand Joong Gil's rage, despite not knowing why he feels the way he does now. I do, however, know that the harder one falls in love, the more it hurts when they lose that person. It's like experiencing actual physical pain, as this person who was once the essence of you untangles themselves from you. As they say, the deeper the love, the deeper the pain. And it's also probably the reason why Goo Ryun doesn't get angry at Joong Gil.

This is all assuming the young loves are indeed. Joong Gil and Goo Ryun

The more I watch Joong Gil's angry reaction to suicides, the more I am inclined to believe it comes from a personal loss. Losing a loved one is devastating, but losing them to suicide adds a different level of pain. The shock and anguish, the unanswered question, they still live in him. The crazy thing about Joong Gil and Goo Ryun is that they are opposites, yet so much alike, two peas in one pod. One understands why some people resort to suicide because of their own personal experience, while the other cannot or does not, also because of their own experiences. Try as I have, I cannot imagine the reasons behind either of their choices, whatever may have led to them, but I know it must not have been easy to make.

I like that Tomorrow calls attention to the fact that people of all genders, ages, and ethnicities can be at risk for suicide, and that there are many causes for suicidal thoughts. Most often, suicidal thoughts are the result of people feeling like they don't have hope for the future, and mistakenly think suicide is the solution. Unfortunately, for some people, taking their own life is a tragic reaction to stressful life situations. It's all the more tragic, because it can be prevented. The fact that Chairwoman came up with the idea of a risk management team to prevent suicides to tip the scale of balance is as good a reason as any in my book. It's definitely much better than believing those who resort to suicide deserve to rot in hell for their choices.

But even more than the message that tomorrow is always better, I applaud Tomorrow for paying special attention to veteran servicemen and women, who often times do not get the appreciation they deserve. That a whole episode this week was dedicated to extending deserved acknowledgement of all our servicemen and women, our heroes who fought despite their fears, was beyond amazing. Even more than just thanking them for their service, letting them know with actions and words that their service allowed us all to be the country we are today was overwhelmingly touching. I appreciated Tomorrow for clearly and loudly sending the message. We owe who we are today to them. Watch episodes here.



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