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Uncle -- Episodes 3 - 6: Family is where Life Begins and Love Never Ends

I can't stop pondering what would cause some people to think pretending to live a perfect illusion of a life makes them superior to those who don't pretend. That they have the right to inflate their own worth at the expense of others. And the more I watch the momblie mothers in action, the more I realize the answer is simple: unhappiness. As they say, unhappy are those who want to be superior to others. It's the only way they know how to accept their imperfections, everything from cheating husbands, to imperfect children, to imperfect families.

At first I thought the momblie mothers frivolous, pretentious, and annoying, but I couldn't have been more wrong. They are downright dangerous, especially that so-called diamond mom. They are perfect on the outside, but dark and empty on the inside - all that glitters is not gold. That she puts her image before her own kids is sad to watch -- they say anyone can be a mother, but not everyone can be a parent, and that couldn't be truer for this mom. That Hye Ryung is so wrapped up in keeping her imperfections about her divorce and daughter's pregnancy a secret, that she doesn't even realize the damage and abuse she's causing through her lies, not just to Joon Hee and her family, but to her own. That a mother thinks forcing her child to tell lies is better than speaking the truth is devastating. If this isn't considered the worst kind of abuse to a child. Abuse isn't just physical, the scars no one can see are the hardest to heal.

I like that Joo Kyung Il likes Joon Hee despite how society views her as divorcee and an alcoholic, but I wasn't sure what to make of that picture board he had of all the moms in his home. And I actually believed him when he told Joon Hee that the reason he kept that board was because he was a webtoon artist and that she was the center of his new story. But it seems like that may be a cove, but why, what is he after; I'm starting to wonder if he may be working for Joon Hee's psycho mother-in-law. I hope not. But still, there is something not quite right about him.

The best parts of Uncle to me continue to be in the way it portrays the enduring family bond between a brother, sister and her son, and especially in the unbreakable, if sometimes wavering connection between uncle and nephew. I love that both uncle and nephew have something to learn from each other. Not only does the Ji Hoo learn from Joon Hyuk that family is where life begins and love never ends, but also teaches Joon Hyuk to never stop trying, believing or giving up on his dreams and those he loves. To an uncle, a nephew is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, and to a nephew, an uncle is like having a great coach, a favorite teacher, a big brother and a best friend all rolled into one. Watch episodes here.



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