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Vincenzo -- Episode 17 & 18: Cassano Family: Blood doesn't make family love does.

If past episodes of Vincenzo have been intoxicating, and they really have, this week's was even more shockingly and excitingly exhilarating. As much as I wanted Vincenzo to shoot the psychotic Myung Hee and her equally psychotic boss, I was good with the route Vincenzo decided to take to bring them down once and for all. As Sun Tzu of The Art of War said, "Instill fear into the heart of your enemy, and they'll hand victory over to you."

Neither deserves a quick a painless death; nothing more satisfying than inspiring fear and insecurity in one's enemy; hit them where it counts the most, and they will surely come crumbling down. So in that sense, I loved Vincenzo's intricate chess game with Jang Jun Woo, very well played. I believed Vincenzo when he told Mo Young he would do away with the two who killed her father when he was done with them. I didn't expect him to blow one of them up literally. Not that he didn't deserve it. He sure isn't holding back anymore, and I love it.

Throughout this drama, the G Plaza and its tenants have been. They continue to be so in their unwavering loyalty to Vincenzo and each other, nothing like pain and loss to bring a family ever closer, and the Plaza sure looked dabber as the newly formed Cassano family; of all them, though I loved Ms. Yang CEO Park's accountant fashion sense the most. She doesn't say much, but she sure does stand out. Han Seo might not be part of the plaza, but I've enjoyed seeing how he's worked so hard to redeem himself in Vincenzo's eyes, and he is probably the character with the most development so far. More so, I like that, he decided to take an even firmer stand against Joon Woo. One of my biggest fear with him has always been that he may not be able to pull off this double-agent persona he'd taken on to put an end to his brother and Myung Hee's craziness. But I must say he's pleasantly surprised me and is more the one character that's shown so much development from the start of this drama. I'm proud of him, but more so, I was glad he finally had his moment to shine when the prosecution came to arrest Jun Woo. He deserves all the glory; I hope it's a lasting one.

I had a very strong inkling the G Plaza monks hatched the idea of moving the Gold with Vincenzo's blessing. I knew it would come in handy at some point; there was just too much at stake and way too many people greedy for it. But with that said, I liked that no one, not even the tenants at the plaza, knew that they were sneaking it out, let alone how. Luca flying into South Korea from Italy had me concerned I thought it was a ploy by Myung Hee to get Vincenzo out of the country so they can get their hands on the plaza and the gold. I was relieved to see it wasn't.

And what a relief it must have been for Mo Young and team to have Vincenzo unexpectedly appear to save them and the Plaza. I think it's time for this vicious cycle of never-ending bad guys after the Plaza and Vincenzo to come to an end. I hope the finale is as grand as this drama has been. My favorite moment of this week's episode was both CEO Park and Han Seo asking Vincenzo to either call him bro. I love that he realized what a difference he's been in their lives but more them in his. There is an end to everything, to the bad and the good as well; I hope it's a grandiosely happy one. Watch Episodes 17 & 18 here.



Apr 27, 2021

So well said. The actor behind Han Seo is very good and I liked his character development towards Vincenzo. He is a not a bad person but he is surrounded by them. I shouldn't say this but they showed so many happy moments of Han Seo and Vin together, that I am afraid if Jun Woo kills him in next episode. It should not happen. He needed a brother which Jun Woo never was. All the Plaza family looked so cool in the dress up. Song Jong Ki has really proved himself in the last few episodes and no one but only him can play Vincenzo. Lol I didn't realize the monks moved the gold. I got to know from…

Drama Banter
Drama Banter
Apr 29, 2021
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I didn't think about that but seeing how successful Vincenzo has been; I am sure they will be a season 2. The drama that's been super successful in the ratings is Taxi Driver, and if any drama deserves a second season, it's definitely it. I am pretty sure it will have a second, if not third, season. Have you started watching it?

Have you started Undercover? The drama wasn't subbed for a whole week, but now that it is, I am planning to watch it and write my review this weekend.

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