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Vincenzo -- Episode 2: Let's Have a Party

Vincenzo leaves me speechless; every time I think I know how events will unfold, it goes and surprises me to the hilt. The simplicity of the story and the storytelling is captivating. All the antics and exaggerations aside, it's splendid how the cast mesh so well together. It's like they complete each other from Hong Cha Young to Jang Jun Woo to Choi Myung Hee, the fierce prosecutor turned attorney to Hong Yoo Chan, Cha Young's father, and, of course, the quirky, demented yet endearingly funny tenants of G Plaza and oh, let's not forget Ahn Ki Seok, the bemused NIS agent who has it out for Vincenzo -- well cast the lot of them.

And I cannot leave out the temple; the monks give me an interesting vibe. I get the sense they know about the gold buried underneath in the building.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Vincenzo. Hong Yoo Chan is right about him. He's not there because he cares for the tenants; it's the last thing he cares about. He's not what he seems, a well-dressed and spoken lawyer who's just looking out for the interest of his client; on the contrary, he's a lot scarier than those around him can ever imagine. It's almost funny how NIS agent Ahn Ki Seok may be the only one who knows Vincenzo's true nature.

I knew Vincenzo would figure out a way to stop the demolition process, despite it being his one and the only goal and the main reason he's in South Korea, but demolishing the building is the easy part, getting the gold out without alerting the tenants, Bebel Group, and its goons now that's that tricky part, hence trying to gain the tenant's trust by pretending to fight for them.

Jang Han Seo, Head of Babel Group, will not be an easy adversary that much is evident. He seems to be the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to get the results he needs to see happen. I will give it to Vincenzo; he for sure wasn't the Mafia's consigliere for nothing. I get the sense, though, that he may bit off more than he knows with G Plaza and its tenants, and the party to stop the demolition is just the beginning. Even Cha Young knows she's met her match. Watch Episode 2 here.



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