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Vincenzo -- Episode 4: Mafia-style Vengeance

Vincenzo, wow, I am almost speechless at how good this drama is at almost everything it does but largely at the unexpected. I should've known, but I didn't imagine the show would take the route it did with Hong Yoo Chan, but then he was just too good of a person and a lawyer to be left alone. My heart is in pieces. I could only imagine Cha Young's grief and regret to having her last to him be hurtful ones, but as they say, it's not the words we say to people that matter. It's the things we do that count. That's what truly matters.

What I undoubtedly enjoy most about Vincenzo as a drama is that it not only knows how and when to be funny but can be uncharacteristically serious when the occasion calls for it. So, in that sense, it was quite fitting in a horrific kind of way that the very people Cha Young's father hated her associating with be the ones to end him. It was like the wake-up call she needed not only to understand her father's depth but his reach. The heartfelt messages, notes, and flowers spoke volumes. I loved every minute the show spent on giving Hong Yoo Chan the send-off he deserved -- he'll be missed. As obnoxious as Cha Young can get at times, as much as I like her. I knew she was too brilliant of a lawyer to stay on the bad side.

I loved everything about Vincenzo's revenge, from the planning to the set-up and, of course, the execution. But what was even better was that he gave the people that appreciated Hong Yoo Chan the opportunity to pay homage to him with a great send-off exactly the way he wanted it -- Babel's labs burnt to the ground. Not only does Vincenzo d the unexpected well, but it does even better. I certainly didn't see the intern coming, nor did I imagine Myung Hee would be as cruel as she is not by a long shot.

Exquisitely done, the Opera in the background meshed perfectly with the episode's tragic opening scene -- the best episode to date -- kudos and standing ovation to the writer, director, editor, and actors, perfectly done. They say a drama is good when it doesn't stop surprising you, and Vincenzo does that and much, much more. Nothing less than a mafia-style vengeance would've appeased my raging heart, and I got that and more, made my day. I cannot wait to what more Vincenzo has in store for us -- I am here for the long haul.

Watch Episode 4 here.

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