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Vincenzo -- Episode 5: Two Can Play That Game

Ok Taec Yeon is so creepingly good as the disturbed undercover Head of Babel Group. He's so disgusting he has me rooting for Jang Han Seo to explode in his face, which is bound to happen any day now. I am not even surprised Han Seo is his younger brother. That said, I can't help but wonder why as Head of Babel, he needed to pose as an intern at Woosung's Law firm. I mean, he practically owns them.

The only thing I can think of is; he must have some hard-core feelings for her. The way he acts around Vincenzo proves it, and rightfully so, he is some stiff competition there. Jun Woo may have been able to fool Woosung and Cha Young, but he won't fool Vincenzo. But being the twisted person that he is, I'm sure Jun Woo has something despicable up his sleeve to deal with Vincenzo.

I love this more serious Cha Young; she is so much more intriguing now that she's less animated. She and Vincenzo make such a great team. I've enjoyed seeing him change from a cold-hearted man who only cared about retrieving his gold to caring about the G Plaza and its residents. I like that he's adjusted his ways to match Cha Young and the Plaza's needs. But will he be able to keep it as clean as he has been able; I have a feeling he may have to go full mafia on Babel and team soon.

The little stunts Cha and Vincenzo pulled against Babel Chemical were so satisfying, but I can't help but sense they're playing with fire. Myung Hee already proved she could e ruthless; there's no way she lets them outsmart her. For now, everything seems to be working beautifully for G Plaza, and I love it; from the flashy suits to the car and the G Plaza residents cheering them, it all warmed my heart. And can I say what talented and great contortionist Larry King (Kim Seol Jin) is; his performance in front of the courthouse was amazing. And last but not least, Ahn Ki Seok, I love that he forgot all about his mission and joined team Vincenzo -- if you can't beat them, join them! Watch Episode 5 here.



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