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Vincenzo -- Episode 7: Timing is Everything

Vincenzo definitely doesn't take itself very seriously, and in that lies its charm. It knows how to be fun when it needs to be and serious when it is needed. To outsmart your enemy, confuse them, such a simple strategy, yet Vincenzo and Cha Young planned and executed it beautifully. The plainness of it all was awwing.

Today's episode wholly entertained me. I loved the court scene, especially how Cho Young and Vincenzo tricked Woosung and the court into admitting their expert witness. The whole scene was fun from set up to execution. I think that's what keeps Vincenzo so engaging; it always does the unexpected. Kudos to the scriptwriter, the director, and all the actors that make it possible.

Even as I was having fun, I'll have to admit that I couldn't shake this feeling that some bad would happen to either Vincenzo, Cho Young, or the G Plaza and its tenants. Neither Jun Woo nor Myung Hee is the kind to take kindly to defeat, let alone humiliation. I hope whatever Vincenzo set up to get Cho Young out of the trouble Woosung set up for doesn't come back to bit him. I wasn't worried for the G Plaza tenants as much as I knew they were crazy enough to take care of themselves and especially now that they know they are literally sitting on a 12 million ton of gold. Vincenzo has his work cut out for him. He has met his match in them. I adore them.

Nothing Jun Woo does or says shocks me anymore. Finding out he had his father murdered is very much in line with the kind of person he is; I bet he's how he is because of his father anyway. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. I wonder if Han Seo is a half-brother, it would explain why Jun Woo's behavior towards him. For sure, Han Seo acts the fool out of fear of his bully of a brother. I doubt he is as simple as he appears. I get a sense he's cooking up something. As the saying goes, the fool who persists in his stupidity will become wise, and Jun Woo won't even see it coming. Watch Episode 7 here.



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