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Voice 4: Episodes 11 & 12: Obedience, Power, and Leadership: Sonang Village Cult

To think that this season is based on actual events is mind-boggling; that a Dong Bang Min actually existed in this lifetime is horrific. Before the glimpse into Bang Min's traumatic childhood, I had only imagined the disturbing things the grandfather may have done to him, but to see that he also inflicted the horrific abuse on the parents as well and in front of the child explains why Dong Bang Min needed to disassociate himself through other personalities to survive being himself.

But even with all that, Bang's traumatic childhood does not excuse the heinous crimes he's committed and continues to commit. It explains it but in no way justifies what he's done. It may not be Bang Min's personality that kills but the fact remains the personalities are his; he created them. There is no escaping that, especially since Bang Min can control his different personalities from coming out, as he proved when Derek kept trying to provoke him.

Worse than Dong Bang Min, though, is the psychotic grandfather; greed is one thing but manipulating the village people and using their trust to allow a deranged killer to continue to kill freely is something else entirely. And more shamelessly to ask Su Ji's father, Prosecutor Gong Chan Seok, whose daughter his grandson murdered, to deport Derek Jo to stop him from further investigating his cult is even more demonic than the Circus Man. It's no wonder Dong Bang Min turned out as he did. It's never really been about Dong Bang Min; it's always been about himself and his crazed legacy.

I was not surprised that Yeon Byung Chul (Kim Hak Seon) from the Sonang Village reach out to Shim Dae Shik. I expected it; given Dae Shik's history, I didn't expect him to be so bold about it. If there is one I've come to know about Dae Shik, there is nothing he regrets more in his life than having betrayed Jin Hyuk's (Jang Hyuk) trust in him in season one. He almost lost his life trying to regain it, and I know for sure it's not something he would do again, no matter how lucrative the offer may be. I hope he doesn't place himself in harm's way again in his effort to bring down the cult that is Sonang Village, its corrupt elders, and diabolical practices.

I figured Kwon Joo and Bang Min connected through Sonang Village as children somehow since he'd chosen her as one of his personalities. I knew Sonang was no healing village but rather a cult. Kwon Joo and Derke Jo's hallucinations in the forest were quite eerie. I can only imagine the kinds of brainwashing techniques Bong Min's grandfather and Byung Chul have used to keep the gullible village people under their control. I also knew the grandfather was probably involved with Derek's mother's murder, and he probably owned man of the higher-ups in the Island I didn't expect

Vimo Police Commissioner Gam Jong Suk was one of them.

There is nothing Bang Min's grandfather wouldn't do to keep his village everything from Murder to bribes, threats, manipulation, and everything else in between. I love Derek's plan to trap Bang Min, and it might have worked if it was anyone else but Bang Min. I knew Saet Byeol's situation would eventually get her snared by the Circus Man, but with everything that happened to her friend, she should've been more careful trusting just anyone on the dark web. I don't even want to imagine what would've happened to her if the Circus Man hadn't driven into a dead end. I've said it before, and I will repeat it Lee Kyu Hyung is fantastically brilliant as one of the most atrocious villains of Voice history. A thousand and one kudos.

I've read numerous comments online that Song Seung Heon doesn't measure up to detectives from past seasons, but I disagree entirely, and I am one of those who strongly believe the first season of this series remains the best. Of all the detectives, I found Derek Jo to be the most rational and composed, particularly since he, same as the rest, struggles with his own demons while fighting to bring some of the most horrific criminals to justice. To that end, I extend my kudos to Song Seung Heon for bringing Derek Jo's character to life in this drama. A round of applause to all involved.

Watch episodes 11 & 12 here. KLANG (클랑) - 'No Way To Go' OST



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