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World of the Married -- Episode 5 & 6: Pain

Nothing about The World of the Married is simple. The glimpse into Sun Woo and Lee Tae Oh's past of how they met and their promises to each other made me understand even more why Sun Woo was having an even harder time than usual coming to terms with her husband’s deception.

But what was so ironic to see was Lee Tae Oh distressed over the thought that his wife may be lying to him. I mean, what wife would. But he promised he would love her forever, that he would never lie to her no matter what, but not only did he lie but continued at it even when she begged him to tell her the truth. I guess he must not have realized he can run with a lie, but he cannot hide from the truth. It has a way of catching up. And it sure did, making it the point of no return for Sun Woo.

As good and as meticulous a plan Sun Woo had put together to get control of her finances and life -– as fast as it unraveled as no plan is ever full proof. Je Hyuk was a man obsessed, he had been pining after Sun Woo for a while, and as soon as he got a taste of her, he wasn't willing to let go that easily. I sense Min Hyun Seo's (Shim Eun Woo)

In Gyu (Lee Hak Joo), boyfriend Park would become a problem for Sun Woo when she commissioned her to befriend Lee Tae Oh's mistress. Not because I thought her untrustworthy but because of her good-for-nothing boyfriend. He had the potential to become a major problem, not only because he could ruin Sun Woo’s plans but because he was dangerous to Hyun Seo. I trust that Sun Woo would have had a plan to deal with Je Hyuk and In Gyu. I still found them both quite worrisome.

The World of the Married is packed full of absolute jaw-dropping moments, but one of my favorite scenes of the drama is the dinner party at the Yeo Da Kyung family home. Sun Woo was fierce; the way she ousted both her and Lee Tae Oh was beyond satisfying, and more than anything, she walked out that house with her head held high, like the beast that she was – I loved every second of that scene. And what does her husband do; nothing like the coward that he was and will always be so. When he found out she slept with Je Hyuk, he had the gull to be disgusted with her for sleeping with him but yet thought she should've been understanding about his two-year affair –- he fell in love –- Oh Tea’s level of despicableness is beyond imagination.

The lengths to which Sun-Woo goes to ensure she keeps Lee Joon Young and guarantees a divorce was crazily admirable, and as hard as it was to watch the abuse scenes, I found her scenes with her Lee Joon Young even harder. The way he attacked and criticized her parenting, making her seem delinquent towards him, unlike his sainted father, was a bit much. That he couldn’t see beyond his own needs was a bit heartbreaking. He made it sound like Sun Woo may have well brought a lot of what was happening to herself.

I understood Lee Joon Young's pain; all he wants is a happy, secure family -- his life back as it was. Sadly it will never be like that ever again, but I had hoped he would stand by her. I was in pain for her, but at the same time, I understood that she was willing to do whatever it took to keep what was her, and for that, she earned my respect. I cannot, however, begin to describe my feelings towards Lee Tae Oh, to chose to be with a woman who asked if not demanded that he give up his son speaks more about him rather than the mistress. They deserve each other. However, the saddest part is the impact Sun Woo, Lee Tae Oh, and even Yeo Da Kyung's twisted games and obsessive hatred will have on Lee Joon Young.


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Jul 19, 2021

I have 3 favorite moments in this drama

  1. Last scene of first episode when she comes to know about her husband's affair.

  2. The dinner party scene. It was just awesome.

  3. I also like that scene where her son misses her mom and calls her and she was in beach and her phone was off. But somehow she feels he is missing her and she comes running for him.

This drama is quite different from usual Kdramas. But that's why its so good and gripping. It was bit realistic in few things and I loved that fact about this.

Drama Banter
Drama Banter
Jul 22, 2021
Replying to

Lucky you; it's not available on Netflix USA yet.

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