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You Are My Spring -- Episodes 5 & 6: Being Human Means Needing Reassurance

Sometimes no matter how hard one tries, there is no escaping the cycle of abuse. So, I can only imagine the things Chae Jun and Ian had to do to survive. And in their attempt to survive, it seems like Chae Jun chose to use his form of abuse to gain and maintain control over Ian; it's so true when they say, violence begets violence.

I loved Da Jung's interactions with Aiden; what a sweetie pie, but Ian's reaction made me interested in him. I don't get killer vibes from him, just someone that's broken inside who doesn't know how to cry out for help.

I swear I love Ahn Ga Young so much; everything she does is a cry for help. I wish she would get the help she needs and finally realizes she is worthy of love. I like Young Do, Ha Neul, and Chun Seung Won as friends, and every friendship has that one weird but most endearing best friend, and Chun Seung Won is precisely that. I am not at all surprised that everyone and probably everything connects in this drama. I loved Da Jung's snow analogy, but I loved how Do Young took it to heart, the excuse to go crazy for a few moments.

I like that the show takes its time, having them get to know each other; their moments and interactions together are quite engaging. I especially love their dialogues. I loved Young Do's idea of snow craziness; it was so simply unexpected that it was quite endearing. Everything he does is meant to heal the other person with him without them even realizing it. But, boy, was Da Jung's crazy snow night adventure even better. I laughed so hard a Do Young in the white hanbok. I definitely can still see Da Jung still lives with her seven-year-old spirit to the fullest. The stares on the street and the bus were too much. I loved it. It's quite evident they are both starting to get curious about each other and not just as friends. I was glad to see Detective Ho alive and that Ian was the one that saved him. It still leaves me wondering who that person who stabbed him is, though.

Being human means needing reassurance sometimes. Even the most secure people have moments of self-doubt, insecurity and feel overwhelmed by the choices they made or didn't make. And that is so clear in how Ga Young behaved after her boyfriend told her he was in love with her. Anyone else would've leaped with excitement. Her first instinct was to run away. She seems lonely despite all those people around her. Same with Eun-Ha and her broken relationship rather than coincidence, which confirmed she was right all along, made her doubt herself and her choices.

How I wish they and everyone else in this drama, from Ian to Da Jung and even Young Do who didn't get the reassurance they needed growing up to know, they are worthy, valuable—and perfectly OK just the way they are. I love that Ga Young's boyfriend doesn't give up on her, though. It's that very reassurance she needs.

If it's neither Chae Jun nor Ian running around killing people, then who is it and why; what happened to Detective Park Ho; I was glad to see that Ian brought him to the hospital and even saved his life. I can't help but wonder, though as a detective, how could Ho not realize the person he was chasing wasn't Ian; they weren't even dressed the same. I totally understood the Senior Detective's reaction to seeing Ian at the hospital and, more so, his guilt for putting his detective in danger by having him follow Ian in the first place. And whatever it is that went on in both Ian and Chae Jun's life when they were young seems to have been quite serious. Ian definitely needs psychological help. Oh, My God, I love Kim Min Seok's voice to death. Watch Episodes 5 & 6 here.



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