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Beyond Evil -- Episode 6: Evil Always Hides in Plain Sight

I now see why the show is beyond evil; I knew it, the moment I saw him, I had him pegged as the murderer from the very beginning, and Dong Shik knows who the evil plaguing their town is; as they say, evil is unspectacular and always human; it shares our bed and eats at our own table.

The evil has been hiding in plain sight. Now I know why Dong Shik has been pushing Joo Won so hard. He knows the only way for the killings at Manyang to be taken seriously is for Joo Won to get involved. Will Joo Won finally figure it out, though; I hope he does.

The moment I saw Dong Shik place Min Jing's severed fingers in front of her house, I knew he knew and understood why he's been acting the way he had been. It's not that he's protecting anyone it's that he wants the killer to feel safe and make a mistake that he can use as concrete evidence against him. He wants to make sure the killer doesn't use the law's slippery slope to evade justice. Now, Min Jung's drinking and partying make total sense, she may not have known her father was a killer, but she knew there was something off about him.

I may not be shocked by the killer's identity; however, I was surprised the show decided to reveal it already; this may mean there are many more twists and turns to come, how exciting. And what a revelation Kang Jin Mook (Lee Kyu Hoe) has been; what a great cover, no one, and I mean no one, would suspect him, not without absolute proof. The way he tried to manipulate Joo Won to get to Park Jung Je through Oh Ji Hoon was wicked. Dong Shik's horrified expression said it all. As good as Kang Jin Mook is, Dong Shik is ten times better. Turning on Min Jung's phone and sending Jin Mook that text was ingenious. Great script, directing, and acting. Shin Ha Kyun is how serious actors are made; I love that this drama is character-driven more than anything. Watch Episode 6 here.

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