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Beyond Evil -- Episode 1: Power Struggle

What an intense start; if anyone had any doubts about the kind of drama Beyond Evil, is the opening scenes clear that up pretty quick. I am quite thrilled to have Shin Han Kyun and Yeo Jin Goo in a drama together. The last drama I watched, Jin Goo, was in The Crowned Clown; he was excellent in it; and Shin Ha Kyun, well, he's just an expert at whatever role he plays, what a captivating pair they make. Their chemistry on-screen is absorbing. I am also delighted to see Chun Ho Jin on the small screen again; I enjoy him as an actor, especially the way he talks. I'm curious to see the level of his involvement as Manyang's Police Chief.

We really don't know much about either of our leads, other than they are both police officers recently stationed at the Manyang substation; Lee Dong Shik is a veteran police officer played by Shin Han Kyun. He was once a revered detective with the violent crime division. Recently demoted for reasons unknown, he now serves as a sergeant at the substation doing clerical work. He is alert, witty, considerate, and very good at his job, which raises the question of why a veteran cop like him would be doing back in a sleepy town like Manyang 20 years later or has been chasing after his missing sister this whole time. From Dong Shik's reaction to who Jo Woon's father (Choi Jin Ho) was, I got the sense he either knows something about him or doesn't like the man, whichever it may be, Dong Shik is more than what he portrays and knows more than he's letting on.

On the other hand, Han Joo Won is a fast-track, well-connected young elite lieutenant, with an over expectant father pegged to be the next chief of the National Policy Agency. He comes off as a bit standoffish and arrogant, but it may just be a defense mechanism. He, too, is newly transferred to Manyang and, for some reason, dislikes Lee Dong Shik. Is it because he believes Dong Shik is the serial killer, or are there bigger issues at play here.

It's safe to say Beyond Evil is shrouded with mystery and hidden secrets, which adds to its excitement. Both Dong Shik and Joo Won seem to be after the same thing, a serial killer who's been making Manyang his hunting ground off and on for the past 20 years. That they each have ties to some of the victims is evident, and that each suspect the other is also quite obvious. But that's the extent of their similarities; if anything, they are complete opposites, which makes the possibility of them either teaming up or going against each other an exhilarating thought. I would love to see them team-up.

I was charmed to see Lee Do Hyun cameo as young Lee Dong Shik. He is such an exciting actor. I cannot wait to see him in his next project, I hope it's something totally different than his role in 18 Again, not that I didn't like him in that role, but it would be nice to see him in a thriller or a crime/action type drama. Whatever it may be, though, I am sure it will be worth the watch.



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