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Chimera -- 9 & 10: Chimera of the Past Revealed

History seems to want to repeat itself. The same people who framed Lee Joong Yeop's father as the Chimera of the past are now seeking to frame him for the Chimera of the present. It doesn't surprise me at all. I expected it. Because, as it's been said, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, and neither Chief Bae, Assemblyman Lee Min Ki, nor Chairman Seo learned from their past. On the contrary, they pretend it never happened, even as it's loudly knocking at their doorstep, threatening to expose them.

Things go from bad to worse for all involved and quickly. I was so sure Chairman Seo was the Chimera of the past, but to find out that it was Jae Hwan's mother, this simple unassuming woman blew my mind. It threw a complete wrench at all my theories. I knew she had somehow had a relationship with Director Seo when they both worked for Taesam before it was acquired. I didn't know she already had a daughter and was a widow at that time. However, despite being in a relationship with him, she tried to blow the whistle on his faulty TH-5 project. The flashback on the fire incident that led to her losing her child at that time also makes sense. So I understood why Jae Hwan's mother became Chimera to take revenge on those who she believes were responsible for her child's death. I'm still unclear what led her to lose her memories.

The flashbacks put Captain Han's behavior of hiding all pertinent information on the 35 year old Chimera case files in perspective. He didn't do it because he was corrupt, but because he knew the woman he loved, Jae Hwan's mom, who is the real Sung Hee, the missing researcher is the Chimera of the past. I expect the trauma of everything from losing her child to her revenge plans may have had an effect on her, which eventually led to her losing her memories. The fall from the fire incident could also be a potential cause. Love is indeed a strong motivator to hide evidence and let an innocent man take the fall for Jae Hwan's mother's action, but also to her coming up with and putting to plan such a horrendous revenge plan. That anyone believes the fire of love can put out the flame of pain is a shame. Fire cannot be put out with more fire. I hate what this new reveal could potentially do with the budding relationship between Joong Yeop and Jae Hwan. I am sure the truth will hurt both of them deeply.

I was wrong about the Chairman being the Chimera from 35 years ago, but I doubt I am wrong about Jae Hawn being his son, or that Eugene may have been the sister his mom thought she lost in the fire. I also don't think I am wrong in that Lee Hwa Jeong, or at least her father's people, were the one who sent the other researchers to threaten Jae Hwan's mom for wanting to whistle-blow on the TH-5 project. I do not for a second doubt, she knows all her husband and brother's secrets and is willing to do anything to protect her interests. Like she told the Chairman, his faulty product has many people after him, from the Evergreen protestors to those who worked under the project and developed major health problems, to the Chimera copycat and even Lee Joong Yeop. He can try and run from it, but he can't hide forever.

The moment Chairman Seo and Jae Hawn's mom met, they recognized each other. I have no doubt, but so did his wife. I am also sure he has a strong feeling that Jae Hwan is his son. It was evident from the way he asked him how he and his mom (Nam Ki Ae) were related. I commend the writer though for completely debunking all my theories. If Jae Hwan's mom is the Chimera of the past, who is the Chimera of the present, the reporter. I've had my eyes on her for a while now, and her behavior in her father's office, and even her saying maybe she was adopted, makes me suspect her even more. What I'm not sure about is whether she is Lee Joong Yeop or Jae Hwan's sister. Wow, this story definitely gets better as it gets along and even more tangled up. I love it.



Dec 28, 2021

Jae Hwan's mum being Chimera was the best twist. We couldn't guess it, because they didn't provide many details about his mother. In one scene, she was writing a big formula and I was confused why she was doing it. Captain Han was definitely trying to save his mum. Her revenge as a Chimera was valid because they killed her child. This drama is getting better. 😎

Drama Banter
Drama Banter
Mar 28, 2022
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So weird, I am only now seeing this comment. You're right, I missed it somehow. What other dramas are you watching, by the way? You should check out Pachinko

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