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Devilish Judge -- Episodes 3 & 4: Justice is Revenge

Many who live deserve to die while some who die deserve to live ~ ― J.R.R. Tolkien.

I love that Yo Han has someone in his life that can rattle him; it makes him flawed and so human, unlike the coldness that surrounds him. I love this side of him. But his home and family are as dark as he is, and whatever it is that made this way, it's what drives him; I love Ellie though there's something very catchy about her. It's fun watching them together. Whatever Kim Ga On's relation is to Yo Han, I don't think he wants to harm him.

However, I wonder if Go-On's mentor knew of the connection between him and Yo Han, and it's why he brought him to spy on Yo Han, knowing full well the effect Go On would have on him, or could the mentor and Yo Han be in it together; the possibilities are endless. There is so much bubbling under the surface. I cannot wait for it to erupt. On the other hand, Jung Sun Ah is so totally and completely into Yo Han. And whatever she may be, I love that she is uncompromising when it comes to physical or sexual abuse. Yo Han unmistakably knows how to press everybody's buttons to get what he wants. And whatever it is he's after; it's not traditional justice. And neither is Sun Ah.

The saddest part about Lee Young Min is just as he victimizes others; he also is a victim of parents who believed in giving him everything but what he truly deserved the most, their attention, to compensate for their neglect -- how a child is raised significantly influences how they perceive themselves and respond to different environments. I would've said Lee Young Min's parents deserve the child they raised if he wasn't such a danger to society. I love how Ji Sung's mind works; I can only imagine the patience, thought process, and planning that went into being where he is today. They say, sometimes you have to become the monster you hate to defeat the evil that eats at your heart.

I can see why Go On would be suspicious of Yo Han, he has given him plenty to be skeptical about, but it's easy to judge someone when you haven't lived their lives or been in their situation. It's more difficult to understand; understanding requires compassion, patience, and the willingness to believe that good hearts sometimes choose poor methods. But as they say, justice is revenge.

Many may question Yo Han's purpose, and I will admit they aren't ideal and that he has his motives. But if he can get what he wants while exacting some measure of justice where the punishment fits the cruel and usual crime by the law for the people and with the people, what more justice is there than that. I am all for it and him. They all deserve to die 100 times over for their crimes. Sun Ah is fierce; she is unquestionably my kind of girl. Whatever she may be, I would love to know what motivates her as well. And how appropriate is the Lost OST to our Devilish Judge, quite I would say.

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