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The Devil Judge -- Episode 13 & 14: Injustice, Perjury, Treachery, and Betrayal

Watching Mr. K drop to his death hurt even more, the second time around than it did the first. I was deeply affected by Yo Han's moment with him; it was pretty evident they had been through a lot together. They kept each other going through their pains together. I could tell the loss hit him as hard as it did when he lost his brother so many years ago.

They say rage is a quiet thing, Yo Han thought he had tamed it, but it was just lying-in-wait. It's incredible how loud silence can be when in rage. And that's what I like most about Yo Han; he never lets his rage get the better of him. He doesn't resort to frivolousness and always sees the bigger picture. I must admit I had written Judge Oh off as one of those who lost their soul to 15 minutes of fame. Hence, I was quite appreciative that she actually took the time to see for herself that the Foundation was using her to hurt the powerless and the poor, one of her biggest pet peeves. I commend her for having the resolution but at the same time cannot believe she didn't have the courage to see her resolution through to the end.

I am not even sure Sun-Ah realizes that what she's done to Yo Han and his people might end up costing her more than she bargained for; she seriously thought Yo Han was just like her, wanted the things she did and that he did the live court show because he craved the stage, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Unlike her and her band of vultures, he understood one could never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, one has to build a new model that makes the current one obsolete because it is impossible to find a lasting power upon injustice, perjury, and treachery.

Sun-Ah, on the other hand, thought that by killing off Yo Han's support, threatening his family, and taking away the live court stage, she was humanizing him, all she succeeded to do was turn Yo Han into a much bigger hero than he already was as they say to the short-sighted, through the fog, God must seem like a monster. There are consequences to ignoring consequences that are a consequence of one's blatant unwillingness to learn from their consequences. And not only does Sun-Ah go after Mr. K, but all the people that help him be what he is; I seriously thought she'd gotten to Lawyer Ko and Soo Hyun's boss, especially when they got to Han So Yoon. I was glad to see them safe. I hope she is too.

I should've known Yo Han was the one that saves Ga-On from the President's thugs, that he would have the presence of mind even in his state to call Soo Hyun and tell her Ga-On was in danger even if I didn't appreciate her not telling him how she found out I understood it in a way. She wants Ga-On away from Yo Han; telling him Yo Han told her would've only endeared him more. Of all the things that happen, I didn't expect Soo Hyun; I'm not broken by it; I didn't anticipate it, nor do I know what will become of Ga-On now that he doesn't have his safety net anymore. But if I were to guess, I would say he will become as consumed as Yo-han is if not more and direct all his anger and grief into waging war against Sun-Ah and the vultures, but I was wrong.

My heart ached for Ga-On. Losing Soo Hyun was a big blow, but I loved that he had affection and support in Yo Han and Elijah, who truly care for him. I really didn't think we would see Yo Han and the judges back in live court again. It was refreshing yet somber at the same time. Their new dark robes signified the chaos and lawlessness plaguing the country. I commend the show for matching the outfits to the state of the country. I thought Ga-On coming back to Yo Han to save the country was his way of saying he understands and accepts Yo Han's methods but unfortunately not because

Yes, Ga-on has continuously struggled with Yo-han’s methods. Still, when he needed his own revenge, he didn't have an issue using similar methods despite not being callous enough to handle everything that comes with that choice. I understand why not because, like Yo Han, he may be willing to taking the law into his own hands in some instances. Still, unlike him, he cannot distance himself from those choices, which is probably his biggest weakness -- his conscience and as good as it is to have one as cowardly to use it to go against the only person you know can bring justice all. In the end, all Justice Min Jung Ho had to do was use Soo Hyun's name to turn Ga On against Yo Han, no proof, just her name; it had me wonder who is the true devil here; definitely not Yo Han. I am completely done with Ga On. I don't care about his stupid, blind conscience that doesn't know any logic, and I hope Yo Han is done with him too, because bringing him into his life has brought him nothing but anguish.

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