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Vincenzo -- Episode 3: Bad Things are Good Things for Awakenings

How can one show have so many enjoyably wacky characters, from the G Plaza to Wusang, to Babel, and even the NIS; it's hilarious. What do they say about the Stockholm syndrome, an emotional bond between captors and captives formed through intimate times together; an irrational behavior; the very same Vincenzo is experiencing towards the tenants of G Plaza; rather than sway them, they're swaying him.

I knew that plaza and the people in it would move Vincenzo eventually because, down to his core, he isn't a bad person, as ruthless as he may seem. Yes, he's done bad things to survive the life handed to him. They say bad things are good things for awakenings, but the best thing is to awaken before the bad things happen, especially in the situation he's in right now.

When Yoo Chan said, "smart people may rule the world, but reckless and stubborn people like me protect it," those words resonated with me. It's so true a few elites may rule the world, but it's the everyday ordinary man and woman that makes it possible for them to do so. Life is never black and white, just like the people that live it; it's a million shades of grey, but how far must one go to prove a point, getting a glimpse into why exaggerated Cha Young chose a route so unlike her father's, or did she, he almost feels too good to be true. It doesn't, however, justify her stance.

It was already bad that Cha Young knew Babel was crocked and continued to represent them. To know they murdered people and not be bothered by that, yet be bothered by Myung Hee (Kim Yeo Jin), undermining her because of her father's stance, was difficult to watch. Something is off with Myung Hee; it almost feels like she joined Wusang to fulfill an agenda of her own that's closely tied to the want, no more like need to teach the crooked prosecutors from her old office a lesson. I get the sense that what we see with her is not all that it seems. She's spot on about Jang Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon), though; he's not the real chairman. I get a strong sense we've already met the chairman; we don't know it yet. He's living in plain sight. I continue to be awed by how seamlessly this show can go from hilariously funny one instant to outright tragic the next -- that ending! Watch Episode 3 here.

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