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Vincenzo -- Episode 8: He Won't See it Coming

Vincenzo and his mom always break my heart. But to find out, she was framed and been in jail this whole time for some else's greediness. I can only imagine how much worse that must've felt to Vincenzo despite his abandonment pain. I loved today's seduction storyline; Vincenzo was so good, but, boy, was Kim Sung Chul even better at his guest role. The power of love indeed. I laughed so hard. This show is brilliant.

The best part is Myung Hee thought she could outsmart Vincenzo when he's been a thousand steps ahead of her the whole time. I so enjoyed that whole sequence as much as I enjoy Yoon Byung Hee as Nam Joo Sung. He's been great.

On the other hand, Vincenzo better watch out while he's out there fighting Babel Group; the G Plaza will steal his precious gold from right under his nose. As they say, it's the punch you don't see coming that knocks you out. And as much as I felt for Han Seo as much as I don't care anymore. Creepiness runs in the Jang family like father, son, and brother. They can all beat each other to a pulp for all I care, including Myung Hee and Woosung. As a matter of fact, I hope they take each other down.

I enjoy that everything Vincenzo and Cho Young does is meticulously planned. I want them to continue in their winning streak; I don't think I can take it if something were to happen to either of them or the G Plaza, for that matter. But Jang Jun Woo worries me a lot, and the fact that he hasn't done anything to them until now bothers me even more. He's like the still before the storm, probably plan something really big. I cringe just thinking of it. Watch Episode 8 here.

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