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Vincenzo — Episode 9: Violence Begets Violence

Now, this was one violent episode, or what; the show’s unquestionably propelled itself to a completely different level; this is the Vincenzo I expected, and I love it.

I now can see why Woosung, or should I say Myung Hee and Jun Woo compliment each other so well. They are an extension of each other. She certainly doesn’t have any qualms about going to the dark side, as she put it, and if one is going to do something, they might as well do it the right way or not at all. She and Jun Woo are practically two peas in a pot.

Jun Woo has definitely transformed himself from a psycho to a psychopathic and dangerous killer. Violence begets violence. I knew Jun Woo and the twisted team wouldn’t sit around and watch Vincenzo and Cha Young go on doing whatever they pleased, but I didn’t expect them to go on a killing spree. But with all that, I still say Jun Woo’s end will probably come to the person he least expects. His brother is neither a fool nor is he as dumb as he lets him think he is; that Jung Han is planning something clear, but whether he can actualize it now, that’s a different story altogether.

Jun Woo was bound to get the upper hand at some point and now that he know’s Vincenzo’s truth, he will most definitely use it against him; he surely has feelings for Cho Yong. Add jealousy to an already demented personality, and one has a monster. The G Plaza and Cho Yong were bound to find Vincenzo’s truth, but now that Jun Woo knows, they’ll probably find out sooner than later. I’m not sure if Jun Woo or Myung Hee even realize what they awakened in Vincenzo by killing the victims’ families, but whatever it may be, they have it coming. I doubt they are ready for the wrath that's about to befall them. I, for sure, cannot wait for it. Watch Episode 9 here.



Mar 23, 2021

This episode showed Babel and Woosung team's reaction. They showed what they can do. Jun Woo is too cruel, didn't think he would be killing someone so easily. The tenants are becoming stronger as they know about the gold. lol.

Mar 26, 2021
Replying to

True. Woosung became cruel after that Choi Myung Hee joined them. I think Jun Woo likes Cha Young because he thinks she is crazy like him(I mean crazy in her talks lol).

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