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Vincenzo -- Episodes 11 & 12: Betrayals

The writer, director, and actors are just brilliant—one of the better shows airing right now. The intricate planning, scheming, twists and turns are just climatic. I was so sure Vincenzo was on to Jun Woo that I was completely taken aback at the underpass spoke to Jun Woo's shrewdness really more than anything else as much as I commend Ok Taec Yeon for his acting prowess as much as I dislike his character Again, it speaks to how good Ok Taec Yeon is as an actor.

I knew it was only a matter of time before Vincenzo found him out, and that scene at the end of episode 11 was the intense moment I was so looking forward to between these two. I won't lie; I wanted Vincenzo to go all dark and mafia on Jun Woo; I wouldn't have been sad to see him gone, but I guess Vincenzo had much bigger plans for Jun Woo. I agree with him; death is too easy for someone as evil and demented as Jun Woo.

I loved that Cha Young wasn't at all scared to get her hands dirty with the guys who killed the victims of the family but more so that Vincenzo didn't hold her back because he knew she needed that outlet and more so that she wouldn't cross the line no matter how much she wanted to do so. That was a very penitent moment between them. The other interesting moment was while Vincenzo plotted Jun Woo's demise, Han Seung Hyuk tried to turn Jang Han Seo against his psychotic brother. And it worked; all Han Seo needed was that push. Still, all I could think was if Han Seo wants to defeat the devil, he better be ready to be a demon, and despite hoping he had the gumption for it, I knew he didn't have the mindset. When he aimed that gun, he should've made sure he finished Jun Woo off because now he's as good as dead.

The best thing about Vincenzo's charm is his ability to charm others to his side without even trying. And the proof is in how the NIS agent bravely came to his rescue to Prosecutor Jung In Guk to the G Plaza; one would've thought one of them, or maybe all of them would've been the ones to betray him, especially the Plaza residents with their craze for the gold. I half suspected them of going to Jun Woo for help. But same as Vincenzo, I never suspected betrayal would come from Jo Young Woon even when he pulled that trick with Monks. I chalked it up to him being frustrated with Vincenzo for being distracted with other things. So, to have the betrayal come from Vincenzo's only person probably trusted more than Cha Young, now that will hurt. It's so true when they say it's better to have an enemy that slaps you in the face than a friend that stabs you in the back. I hope Vincenzo doesn't beat himself up about Jo Young Woon and realizes he can't lose a friend he never had.

Watch Episode 11 & 12.

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